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Whatever the system — from ventilation to heating, equipment analysis, selection or replacement, ductwork installation, or instrument and control placement — we will create integrated, efficient, high-tech mechanical systems for tomorrow’s buildings. Our designs always comply with state and federal codes and invariably surpass energy-efficiency mandates.

Whether you require a code review or a large-scale redesign, we will assemble a team to serve you. Despite our main focus being the New England Area, we also offer HVAC engineering across the United States and internationally.

We work with clients for every electrical design need, from code review to complete redesigns. No matter the industry or the size of the project, our engineers provide expert knowledge and a commitment to seeking the best solution for each situation.

Whether for code compliance or increased efficiency, renovations or construction, Celtrics designs reliable, innovative plumbing systems. Always attentive to our client’s needs, our designers deliver code-compliant and energy-efficient, custom systems every time. We have a team of partners who 

Celtrics Engineering develops top-quality designs and drawings for fire protection systems in new and renovated buildings. Using only the latest technologies in fire protection engineering, we offer bold solutions for projects of any size. The engineers at our firm handle everything from code review to complete fire system redesigns, helping you protect lives and property while allowing regular business operations to continue.

Whether it is a fraction of an acre or thousands of acres, Celtrics will assemble a team of local, knowledgeable land planners, designers, and engineers that have years of experience in and the ability to convert a conceptual land plan into an engineered and economically feasible design. From the earliest planning stages, through preliminary design, permitting, final design and production of construction drawings, all our engineers and related specialists have one goal — to meet the client‘s needs.

Celtrics can put together a Surveying and Mapping team to bring you accuracy and efficiency. Celtrics, with staff licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to commercially fly an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), continues to be state-of-the-art with drone technology to allow survey and aerial mapping of projects.

Careful management of our water resources is vital to the future of our natural resources. Celtrics has stayed active in the effective treatment of stormwater and wastewater; flood control and restoration tools; and innovative approaches to assess, protect, and restore our water bodies. The continued health of this resource requires meticulous analysis, planning and oversight. Our water resources engineering partners have provided planning, design, and construction management services for water resource projects throughout the region.

Site Analysis

The preliminary phase of the urban design processes dedicated to the site specific study of location, neighborhood context, site and zoning, legal elements, natural physical features, man-made features, circulation, utilities, sensory, human and cultural, and climate components.

Whether your site is a fraction of an acre or thousands of acres, our partners includes seasoned planners and engineers has the ability to develop an economically feasible design. 

Sector Plans and Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Process

The DRI process provides for state and regional review of the impacts anticipated by large developments that, because of their character, magnitude or location, would have a substantial effect on the health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of more than one county. 

Land Use Approvals

Land use and local government law has evolved dramatically over the recent years as the world struggles with heightened environmental concerns and exponential growth. Today, the burden of accommodating growth falls on the private sector and navigating the complex bureaucratic waters becomes more difficult and complex. Dealing with development of regional impact, comprehensive planning and a myriad of zoning procedures and land use systems is complicated.

Master Planning and Site Design

A master plan is a “blueprint” for the future, intended to guide and frame development, encompassing the visions and aspirations of the developer. As population reaches capacity at the coastlines and inner-city, there is the potential for well-planned, well-designed new communities and also the well thought-out “infill” and assembled projects. Our planning team has performed conceptual planning, entitlements, development permitting, and monitoring for numerous Developments of Regional Impact (DRIs) and master planned communities. From residential development to regional commercial projects to mixed use centers and new communities, our clients benefit from this experience with the unique challenges and ever-changing legislative framework for large scale projects.

Comprehensive Planning and Zoning

The principles of zoning regulation were established over 100 years ago in 1916 with the first Zoning Code in New York City were solicited with the landmark Euclid v. Ambler decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. However, the rules of the game are ever-changing. The same is true for the comprehensive land use policies rooted in Florida Growth Management Act of 1985, which change through yearly legislative action. Our planning team performs a wide range of services including those associated comprehensive plan amendments, Future Land Use Map amendments, rezoning, conditional uses, special exceptions. annexations, and variances. 

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging is normally and more cost-effectively used as a byproduct of the 3D Animation process. Images from essentially any desired viewpoint that are illustrated in animation can be easily assimilated into rendered images for a variety of uses and applications.

  • Design Imaging & Hand Graphics Made Digital
  • Design Communication
  • Multiple Viewpoints, Elevations, and Design Elements

3D Animation & Virtual Reality

3D Animation and Virtual Reality Tours provide for the highest possible degree of design realism, making it an effective marketing tool that attracts consumers and leads to great satisfaction among end-users.

  • 3D Graphics, Exhibits, & Presentations
  • 3D Animations & Virtual Reality Tours
  • Pre-Construction Marketing and Design Programming

Digital Graphic Communication

The beauty of digital graphic technology is knowing where you are and where you are going with project development at every step of the process, boosting confidence for everyone involved.

  • Graphic Design & Digital Communication
  • Multimedia Design
  • Emerging Technologies & Conventional Graphics

Celtrics’ low voltage design service is a comprehensive approach to creating the optimal cabling infrastructure plan and equipment rack design. We create line drawings showing at a high level what cabling should be used to connect each component. We create wiring schematics showing the next level down from line drawings contain specific individual cable identifiers and port connection.

The best design won’t scale without a sound strategy; passion drives our approach to digital transformation and disruption. Whether you’re focused on wireless, mobile, wearables, virtual reality or the Internet of Things, we get help keep you involved in our interconnected and collaborative process.

We begin with assessments and development, working in tandem with your teams, to identify and define market opportunities for your concept or project. From there, we recommend the appropriate strategy for your specific application, cost targets, data and cloud connectivity, and monetization approach. Next, our vertically integrated innovation, design, engineering, and prototyping teams go to work.

Strategy implementation can range anywhere from two weeks up to several months depending on the business complexity and scope. Our teams collaborate together, leveraging the latest technology, and work through every phase of the process.

Celtrics is a leader in energy dashboard design; big data network architecture; and building automation systems, having provided design and developed standards for a variety of clients. With experience in “Control Theory and Application”, we can review your automation system practice and implementation.

Let our team of experts take your biggest programs to the next level by implementing the highest standard of model-based systems engineering.


Providing expert knowledge throughout the systems development process, our team and partners utilize the system model to facilitate and communicate the specification and design of the system under development by working as an extension of our customer’s engineering teams. We offer MBSE services that dramatically reduce cost, improve quality, and boost efficiency of legacy, document-based systems engineering practices; these services identify and resolve problems at the speed of relevance and offer repeatable processes that enable rapid scaling and new program transferability.

At Celtrics, we work closely with our customers to help establish an organizational culture which fully leverages the advantages of Digital Engineering. We understand the benefits of the digital approach, how to implement it, and the potential issues that teams of varying sizes face. We provide unparalleled support for customers at every stage of the Digital Transformation process.

Each organization is unique and we provide tailored guidance based on your individual organization’s needs and desires. Contact us today to get started on the path to Digital Engineering success!

Celtrics approaches training from a guiding and mentoring perspective. We focus on instilling best practices for the basics of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and expanding on key areas that promote and directly contribute to MBSE implementation success. We always encourage customers to express their current ‘pain points’ and we craft our training approach and content to address those specific concerns.

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